Workshop 1: The Spine  - August 8th, 2015

This workshop addresses how to care for the spine and re-establishing control of the deep stabilisation system of the spine. This will also provide some new insights into postural control and aligning the thorax - and examine some of the myths around ‘core control’ and ‘deep breathing’.

Workshop 2: A unique look at the pelvis - November 14th, 2015

Initiating and controlling movement from the base of the spine will be covered in this workshop. This will also examine many of the misunderstanding around ‘lumbar neutral spine’ and the role of the Fundamental Pelvic Patterns in regaining effective healthy control in rehabilitation.


This pair of practical hands on workshops are suitable for movement therapists who would like to improve their understanding of the Fundamental Patterns of Control which underlie healthy spinal function – and how these are deficient in people with common musculoskeletal pain disorders. They will cover how to identify changes in movement patterns that cause or are related to spinal pain, and provide you with a series of exercises you can use to improve your clients function.

The Key Moves® Therapeutic Exercise Programme provide a progressive series of exercises that can be used with clients in a one-on-one clinical setting and also in small group therapeutic exercise classes to help retrain movement patterns.

The Fundamental Patterns of movement for the spine and pelvis are taught mindfully, enabling the development of breath control, deep inner core control with appropriate global muscle activation. The program ‘trains the brain to ease the pain’ and simultaneously improves the integrated function between the spine and proximal limb girdles and between them and the rest of the body. The aim is to improve the clients ‘neuro-muscular fitness’ and adaptability.

The Key Moves® Programme complements the Key Approach Method being the practical implementation of these ideas for the movement therapists. Key Moves® 4 Spinal Rehab integrates concepts from Feldenkrais, Iyengar yoga and pilates with the current scientific research and clinical best practice.

Course Information

PRESENTERJosephine Key

Neuro-musculoskeletal Physiotherapist – Author

WORKSHOP 1: The Spine
8th August, 9-5pm

WORKSHOP 2: A unique look at the pelvis
14th November, 9-5pm

These workshops are highly practical, so numbers are limited to ensure one-on-one feedback can be provided and to enable participants to have an opportunity to receive practical feedback under the guidance of Josephine Key.

COST: $300 per workshop (this does not include refreshments)

ENQUIRIES: Kerryn on 02 9326 1168 or email

LOCATION: Edgecliff Physiotherapy Sports and Spinal Centre
Studio: 4/212 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff, Sydney.