The Key Approach  is an evidence-informed manual and movement therapy approach that offers a unique insight into simple and complex pain presentations. The Key Approach Workshops: Linking altered control of spino-pelvic movement and pain disorder explore The Key Approach Model in detail focusing on the bodies control of ‘functional’ movement – both healthy ‘normal’ and compromised. The workshops address the link between pain syndromes and movement impairments. The premise of the Key Approach is that most musculo-skeletal pain disorders evolve from  defective neuromuscular control of the spine and proximal limb girdles, or in other words the way we move and posture ourselves causes our problems.

Key Approach: Linking altered control of spino-pelvic movement and pain disorder

Through these courses you will be guided through The Key Approach clinical model of posturo-movement dysfunction. You will learn a clinical framework that helps you classify a person based on their functional presentation and guides your clinical treatment.  You will learn manual therapy skills to address the dysfunction and practical exercise therapy skills that retrain your clients movement dysfunctions.

The Key Approach workshops are divided into three modules.

Key Approach Module 1: Addresses the lumbo-pelvic region and lower quadrant. Learn More...

Key Approach Module 2: Explores the thorax and upper quadrant. Learn more...

Key Approach Module 3: Brings all of it together in a three-day practical workshop. Module 1 and 2 are prerequisites for module 3. Learn more..

Key Approach courses are run at St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst.


This workshop is recognised by:


The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA)  
– completion of each module allows  27 CEC’s per module


Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) 
– completion of the  ‘Foundations of control':  Module 1 allows 6 CEC’s)


Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA)  
completion of the  ‘Foundations of Control': Module 1 allows 18 CEC’s

The Key Moves® 4 Spinal Rehab

This pair of practical hands on workshops are suitable for movement therapists who would like to improve their understanding of the Fundamental Patterns of Control which underlie healthy spinal function – and how these are deficient in people with common musculoskeletal pain disorders. 

Key Moves® Workshop 1: The Spine

Key Moves® Workshop 2: A Unique Look at the Pelvis

Learn More...

Key Moves® workshops are held at the Edgecliff Physiotherapy, Sports and Spinal Centre dedicated exercise studio:

Upcoming Workshops

Key Approach Module 3
November 27-29th, 2015
COST: $950
Early bird rate: $900

Key Moves® Workshop 1
August 8th, 2015
COST: $300

Key Moves® Workshop 2
November 14th, 2015
COST: $300